Enjoy a golden autumn with American Fall

With its rusting hues and tumbling leaves, autumn is a season of transition. It's the perfect time then to introduce American Fall – a malty, golden ale that celebrates the 'New World' hops blowing a wind of change through the brewing business.

The American Dream

The thriving US craft movement is proving a great source of inspiration to brewers the world over, and as the name suggests, it's Stateside that provides the stimulus for American Fall.

US hop varieties including Lemon Drop and Sorachi Ace bring a zesty, herbal edge to a British base of Pale Ale and Caragold malts, resulting in a glorious, golden, transatlantic triumph.

Brewer's notes

American Fall is a golden ale that delivers a balanced biscuit sweetness, set off by citrus fruit and herbal character from the American hops. Fresh, zesty notes come through both on the nose and the palate, with distinct lemon flavours at the fore.

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Taste profile

Sight: Golden
Smell: Citrusy hop notes
Taste: Lemon, malt biscuit

Raise a glass

In 2017 we introduced two new golden ales championing hop varieties from beyond the UK. American Fall uses the same malt base as our Aussie-inspired beer Southern Star, but this time showcases the best of American hops. The result is a fabulous beer with a citrus, herby edge.


Ale yeast
Malts: caragold, pale ale
Hops: cascade, lemon drop, liberty, sorachi ace

Nutrition (per 100ml)

  Keg/bottle Cask
Energy (Kcal):
Energy (KJ):
Protein (g):
Carbohydrates (g):
Bitterness (IBU):
ABV: 4

Food pairing

Buddy up with buffalo chicken wings.

This golden ale is the perfect partner for smokey grilled chicken. The zesty fruityiness of the beer will contrast the char of the chicken, allowing the natural sweetness of the meat to come through – while the gentle carbonation clears the palate with every sip.

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