A spirited celebration

2016 marked ten years since the first Brewer's Reserve – and that meant it was time for our brewers to reach for the scotch. Not just for celebrating, but for creating Brewer's Reserve No.5 – a beer matured in old whiskey barrels, absorbing all the secrets of a sublime single malt.

Pride at its heart

A rich, dark and warming ale, the latest Brewer's Reserve stays true to the original – with Pride and spirit again the two key ingredients.

The Pride comes from Golden Pride, our famous blend of British hops and pale ale malts that forms the base for this Parti-Gyle brewed beer. As for the spirit, well, that comes from the cask. Thirty years' worth of whiskey-soaked wood, lending a subtle, smoky sweetness to our beer.

Brewer's notes

Pouring a dark brown colour reminiscent of ESB, Brewer’s Reserve No.5 conjures a sherry-like aroma with notes of bourbon on the nose. On the palate, this full-bodied, balanced brew delivers sweet biscuit from the malts, along with fruitcake flavours and ripe notes of cherry - ending with a warm, smooth and satisfying finish.

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Raise a glass

The launch of Brewer's Reserve No.5 marks ten years since the start of the series. To celebrate, we've sourced whiskey casks from the same Scottish distillery we used a decade ago.

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