Smooth sailing for this English pale ale

An all English affair, Due South boasts rich blackcurrant flavours from the Bramling Cross hops while trusty Northdown hops bring earthy pine notes.

Taste profile

Sight: Deep gold
Smell: Blackcurrant, citrus
Taste: Crisp, refreshing

Raise a glass

The English Bramling Cross hop is the captain of this ship, delivering an edge of blackcurrant and a fruity aroma more typically associated with American hops.


Ale yeast
Malts: crystal, pale ale
Hops: bramling cross, northdown

Nutrition (per 100ml)

  Keg/bottle Cask
Energy (Kcal):
Energy (KJ):
Protein (g):
Carbohydrates (g):
Bitterness (IBU):
ABV: 5
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