Give your summer a tropical twist

We always live in hope of a tropical summer here in London, but sometimes, you just have to take matters into your own hands. That's why we introduced Fruit Loop – a pale ale packed with so many delicious hints of fruit, you're guaranteed a taste of the tropics whatever the weather…

Packing a tropical punch

If something's worth doing, it's worth doing properly. So despite Fruit Loop being one of our first real forays into the booming fruit beer market, our brewhouse team haven't held anything back.

As well as using two of the fruitiest hop varieties on the planet, Denali and Galaxy, we've also added real mango and pineapple juice to the brew – perfect for bringing a tropical twist to the pubs of the UK.

Brewer's notes

A gorgeous golden pint, Fruit Loop offers a fruity aroma, with tropical notes bursting into life on the palate. Denali delivers a juicy hit of pineapple, while Galaxy brings lychee and kiwi flavours to the fore – all beautifully balanced with gentle hop bitterness, against a background of pale ale malts and golden oats.

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Taste profile

Sight: Golden
Smell: Fruity
Taste: Well-balanced, tropical fruit

Raise a glass

Always exploring inventive ways to bring bold new tastes to our beers, we've added real fruit juice to Fruit Loop. It's the first time we've added fruit to a summer ale.


Ale yeast
Malts: caragold, pale ale, golden naked oats
Hops: denali, galaxy

Nutrition (per 100ml)

  Keg/bottle Cask
Energy (Kcal):
Energy (KJ):
Protein (g):
Carbohydrates (g):
Bitterness (IBU):
ABV: 4.5

Food pairing

Make it a wrap with mixed bean fajitas.

The subtle spice of the fajitas is enhanced by the refreshing taste of the beer, while this light ale also serves to cleanse the palate after each mouthful.

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