Go Off Piste this winter

When the clocks go back and the days get shorter, it's not just the skies above us that get darker – it's the ales on the bar too. But who says winter beers have to be dark and heavy? We've gone Off Piste with our latest winter seasonal, a light and hoppy IPA that says winter's dark enough already…

The all-new après ski

Off Piste isn't your usual winter beer – and it's not your usual IPA, either. Brewed with lager malt and wheat alongside Saaz, Chinook and Citra hops, it's an extra pale ale that shows the style in a brand new light.

Packed with citrus aroma and deliciously assertive bitterness, it's the perfect pint for those long winter evenings – whether you spent your day on the slopes, or slaloming the Christmas crowds on the high street…

Brewer's notes

Brewed to 4.6% ABV, Off Piste pushes off with a pale gold pour, balancing a huge citrus aroma with pleasant hints of pine. On the palate, the beer freestyles through distinct notes of biscuity malt and juicy stone fruits, ending the run with a satisfying bitter finish.

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Taste profile

Sight: Pale gold
Smell: Pine, citrus
Taste: Citrus, biscuit, stone fruits

Raise a glass

Hailing from America, the Citra hop is a star of the craft brewing scene across the pond. It has some British roots too though, with East Kent Goldings hops among Citra’s lineage.


Ale yeast
Malts: lager, wheat
Hops: saaz, chinook, citra

Nutrition (per 100ml)

  Keg/bottle Cask
Energy (Kcal):
Energy (KJ):
Protein (g):
Carbohydrates (g):
Bitterness (IBU):
ABV: 4.6

Food pairing

Give a (ski) lift to a soft shell crispy crab burger.

Just like Off Piste, a soft shell crispy crab burger manages both lightness and boldness at the same time – making it the perfect accompaniment for this intriguing IPA.

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