Our crafty Red Fox

First seen in autumn 1999, Fuller’s Red Fox is back on the bars this year with that same rich, red ruby colour and toasted oats flavour that make it the perfect pint for the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.

The cleverest of brews

Why Red Fox? What else could our brewing manager call this tawny ale, with just a flash of white?

Full of craft with a nose that picks out leaf scents and bonfires, it's a clever brew that captures those earthy, malty autumn flavours, slips down easily and leaves you bright eyed and bushy tailed too.

Brewer's notes

Tawny in colour with a lasting, medium, off-white head of lacy bubbles, Red Fox features a little yeast and forest fruit on the nose and offers a taste of biscuit and caramel with the tang of blackberry, toast and marmalade in the finish.

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Taste profile

Sight: Tawny red
Smell: Sweet caramel fruit
Taste: Rich, creamy toasted

Raise a glass

Red Fox was first brewed in 1999 and has grown in popularity every autumn since. While its namesake is nocturnal, this particular pint is a welcome sight at any time of day.


Ale yeast
Malts: crystal 400, pale, oats (golden naked), oats (pinhead)
Hops: challenger

Nutrition (per 100ml)

  Keg/bottle Cask
Energy (Kcal):
Energy (KJ):
Protein (g):
Carbohydrates (g):
Bitterness (IBU):
ABV: 4.3

Food pairing

Get foxy with your lamb.

Pours a tawny colour and you'll get sweet aromas of caramel, fruit and some subtle dark berries. Medium sweet in flavour where the caramel and fruit will complement the sweetness of the meat. Has enough carbonation to cut through the fattiness and cleanse the palate.

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